POLIMETER PM01-BL ultrasonic heat meter

With backlit display

The POLIMETER PM01-BL compact ultrasonic heat meter is designed for measuring heat and cooling energy. In addition to central heating installations, the meter can be used in combined heating-cooling systems where the energy carrier is water. With such a solution, the meter independently switches between the measurement of heat and cooling, calculating both energies separately. The option of disassembling the calculator from the transmitter allows to install the calculator in various positions, so as to ensure the optimum angle of reading the data from the backlit display, even in the darkest places. The device is recommended for installation where space is limited, for example, at manifolds and in small installation shafts located in apartments. The meters are designed for individual metering of residential premises, commercial premises and single or multi-family buildings.


POLIMETER PM01-BL ultrasonic heat meters have very high accuracy in measuring the consumption of heating and cooling energy. Compared with mechanical heat meters, their precision of measuring the flow of the energy carrier (water) is much higher – up to four times.

The user’s flexible ability to configure the meter makes it possible to purchase equipment without specifying the mounting position (supply/return), operating location (heat/cool) or information on the value of calculation units (GJ/kWh/MWh). The PM01-BL heat meter is fully resistant to dirt in the central heating system and cold.

The meter is free of easily worn mechanical components such as the rotor, clutch and induction coil. It has a 6-year battery as standard. On special order, it is possible to install a 10-year battery, which makes it possible to perform secondary legalization without incurring additional battery costs.

The high quality of the materials used makes the heat meter virtually maintenance-free and does not require servicing during its 5-year lifetime.

The PM01-BL version of the heat meter has a backlit display as the only one available on the Polish market, which significantly increases reading comfort in dark installation shafts.

Advantages of the POLIMETER PM01-BL ultrasonic heat meter

  • selection of the installation location on the plant (power supply/return with a button
  • selection of energy units (GJ, kWh, MWh) using the button
  • low start-up threshold > 1 l/h in any position
  • mounting in any position without loss of accuracy class
  • measurement dynamics 1:100 in class 2
  • Dynamic temperature measurement cycle 5/60 sec.
  • 24-month historical data log
  • low battery indication
  • many indications and recording functions available for service and statistics
  • possibility to remove the calculator from the transmitter and free reading
  • device self-diagnosis and error signaling
  • high durability due to lack of moving parts
  • 100% protected against tampering by users
  • Has a MID certificate of conformity, in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU
Up to 4 times
more accurate measurement


Our products guarantee up to four times more accurate measurement than standard mechanical meters. The volume of the medium is measured using signals from ultrasonic sensors sent in the direction consistent with the flow and then in the opposite direction.

Measurement in the flow range from minimum to maximum (regardless of the mounting position) is characterized by very high stability throughout the operation of the equipment.

POLIMETER PM01-BL ultrasonic meters eliminate measurement errors associated with water quality and impurities present in the central heating or cooling system. Flow and return temperatures are measured using PT1000 platinum temperature sensors, guaranteeing high accuracy when measuring temperature differences. To calculate the flow rate and temperature difference, an electronic indicating calculator is used, which has a microprocessor system with software. The heat/cool meters we offer are completely resistant to the influence of an external magnetic field (neodymium magnet).