Single-jet water meter
dry running PICOFLUX

PICOFLUX series water meters are top-class products that meet the current requirements of the housing market. They are perfect thanks to very good protection against the influence of the magnetic field. A characteristic feature that distinguishes PICOFLUX water meters from other manufacturers is the very small dimensions of the entire device, which allows for easy installation in hard-to-reach places. The water meters have MID type approval with accuracy class R80 and a hygienic certificate according to which they are approved for contact with drinking water. The water meters can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The counter of the water meter is hermetic and resistant to fogging. Bearing elements are made of wear-resistant materials. The devices have increased resistance to hard water, which may be contaminated with sand particles, etc


1) at the building position H R=80, at the position V R=50
The data in the table are in accordance with EN ISO 4064, Type Examination Certificate and MID Directive 2014/32/EU

The main advantages of the PICOFLUX water meter:

  • high quality of materials used
  • stable metrological parameters during operation
  • effective safeguards against attempted manipulation
  • very low start-up threshold
  • smooth bottom of the measuring chamber to protect against dirt deposition
  • High sensitivity for recording leaks and small water intakes, ability to observe the start-up threshold
  • drum counter airtight and resistant to fogging
  • ease of reading the indications by being able to
  • 360° rotation of the counter
  • unique design solutions for rotor bearings
  • guaranteeing high durability of the water meter
  • small size for installation in hard-to-reach places