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We are the only distributor of POLIMETER brand measuring equipment in Poland and Europe. We hold the manufacturer’s authorization certificate for servicing and re-legalization of devices. We specialize in the distribution and installation of measuring devices: water meters and heat meters. To meet the expectations of our customers, we flexibly adapt to their needs and the ever-increasing requirements of Property Managers.

Our team consists of experienced and qualified employees who are constantly improving their qualifications and participating in many training courses in Poland and abroad. Our many years of experience allows us to constantly monitor the needs of the market and develop new technical solutions that meet the current requirements of our customers. We currently have two branches in Poland for distribution and sales.

We are convinced that by providing high-quality products and services we meet all the expectations of our customers, which is confirmed by the contracts we have received and completed.

We are open to cooperation with business partners for whom commitment, experience and quality are the highest standard.


We rely on technology and materials to guarantee high reliability and many years of durability throughout operation. Focusing on the proper configuration of devices and the right selection of their parameters to the existing installation, we meet your expectations for proper metering.

We implement technical solutions based on suggestions received from our customers, so we are the only one in Europe to introduce a backlit display in the heat meter.


Through many years of cooperation with the manufacturer, we have developed products that meet the requirements of the MID Directive and bring freshness to the measurement industry. The number of projects already completed has provided us with experience and knowledge, which we use to further improve our products. We have a real influence on the design, software and quality of the products we supply, and we take an active part in the manufacturing process at every stage of production. We rely on the latest technological solutions in terms of the materials used and the ultrasonic method of energy measurement. The numerous reference letters we have received from our customers are our most important guarantee of the quality of our products and the trust we have been endowed with.


All the devices we supply are subjected to primary metrological control, which is based on the EU MID Directive. This guarantees reliable and credible measurement of energy and water consumption, and correct billing of costs.

Proven high-quality materials are used in the production process..

We provide our services in the following areas:

  • supply and installation of heat meters
  • supply and installation of water meters
  • Secondary verification of heat meters along with removal and installation services
  • delivery and installation of remote reading and monitoring systems for media consumption
  • Perform and provide cyclic readings from metering equipment
  • technical advice and organization at every stage of the investment
  • Balancing of water consumption with a report on the condition of the building’s installations
  • training for property administrators and managers in the selection and operation of water and heat meters
  • 24-hour service of measuring devices